The Netzwerk S

What does the new Netzwerk S accomplish?

Does your main business not deal with real estate? The increasing specialisation and complexity concerning everything around real estate does not make it easy for you to decide, to assess opportunities and risks of real estate development, and to control it actively. One thing is certain! Your real estate portfolio has numerous potentials which you can recognise and utilise. You can primarily foresee certain risks and control them long-term. Both aspects save your company a lot of money. Within the framework of the interdisciplinary expert network of social real estate, we, as experienced experts, can make you an individual offer of support and knowledge and demonstrate you a sound perspective for all your real estate.

What are the tasks of Ottmann Consulting in the Netzwerk S?

Within the scope of project development for public and private building owners from the social economy, Ottmann had to monitor early on the economic viability of these plans and to assure sustainable financing as well as refinancing of the investment and covering ongoing costs. In addition, Reinhard Ottmann works for various large financial institutions in risk management of real estate. Currently, Ottmann Consulting cooperates with various teams consisting of architects and engineers in the area of privately and publicly funded residential construction, which will be planned according to the principles of universal design and is responsible for an optimised building and secured long-term maintenance financing.

For further information about the Netzwerk S click here to download (only in German).

Partners of Ottmann Consulting within the Netzwerk S

These companies in partnership with Ottmann Consulting secure your property portfolio – of course tailored to your needs:

Kubus 360


Feddersen Architekten

Initium AG

Richter Rechtsanwälte